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Photography Tips & Techniques

Are you looking for tips for better pictures? Do you want to learn photography and take better photos? Here are some useful tips:

  • Bring depth to your photo.
  • A natural frame helps your composition.
  • Dare to approach your subject, get close!
  • Pay attention to the direction.
  • You should teach yourself to control the light.


Fivercam Wiki information:

Processor Type: An image processor is an essential electronic component that is akin to the “brains” of the camera. It controls the camera to a high degree, from how it functions to how it depicts and records images. Canon's DIGIC image processor was developed in-house, and is specifically tailored to address the needs of a camera. It is good to have a camera with good processor!

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What is a telephoto lens?
To put it simply, a telephoto lens is a lens that brings subjects up close. The focal length starts here at 80mm and has no real upper limit. Increasing the focal length changes the depth of an image significantly. The further the focal length moves into the telephoto range, the blurrier the background becomes and the larger the background becomes compared to the subject.